Polar Vip Transfer

Who are we?

We have launched our company in 2019 so we are fairly new. Rovaniemi is perfect place to offer transfer services for tourist and locals alike. Our services are basic transfer services from airport to city center or to north pole, where Santa lives. There are also couple more extensive programs. One of the longer trips is to Ranua zoo. Lasting approximately 5 hours you get to see all kinds of northern animals. We organise night trips to places where we can enjoy the polar lights starting from 1 of january to 10 March 2020. The trip lasts for 3 hours. During our stay traditional sausages, warm juice from fruit of the forest, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and biscuits will be offered free of charge. You will also be offered a personal certicate of passing the Arctic Circle. Reservations 24 hours in advance.

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